Wednesday, February 18, 2009

eerr,another assignment that my beautipul teacha(madam Ayu) gave us..enter

Well,if u people have no idea whut in the world this organization does,this is where i come

Firstly,the creater of is non other but Dr.Andri Lanford..(dun ask me who he is,got no idea)..Itz a public service website and also an email newsletter.Email newsletter??For those who still no no understand,i guess it means it sends news to ur email..=O
This organization protects people from internet scams,identity theft and spam since 1994(maybbbeeee).Which means u can totally depend on this organization to keep ur com away frum harm..

Mostly it tells and teaches us how to describe for protection and list all sorts of popular scams,identity theft threats and urban legends.(oh yeah,they got urban legends).One of the best but boring things at the same time is they also explain whut kinda types of viruses exist and whut they are designed/created for.I find it boring,thatz why my computers alwayz being attack by crappy scamz..=))))))))))))))

Example of viruses:
theres lotz of them ya know which are worms,Trojan horse, Spyware, Adware, scumware, underwear(maybe)..jkjkjkjk
If u wanna subscribe for protection,itz totally free.thatz the only good part about it,well,to me coz itz totally2 free..
But i've been hearing people talking n asking bout Email scams..Whut in the world is email scums??ahaha,this is where i come in for the kill..AGAIN!!

Email scams hack into your system without u knowing it(duh) and are able to learn about u,spy on u(stalker), change your password, steal your identity and know every single stuff about u(oh nooo,i know!!)..example:spyware

spyware is a software that tracks your actions and/or your Internet use. It can capture what you type on your keyword, including passwords, and send it to the spyware creator.

"Any software that covertly gathers user information through the user's Internet connection without his or her knowledge, usually for advertising purposes. Spyware applications are typically bundled as a hidden component of freeware or shareware programs that can be downloaded from the Internet; however, it should be noted that the majority of shareware and freeware applications do not come with spyware. Once installed, the spyware monitors user activity on the Internet and transmits that information in the background to someone else. Spyware can also gather information about e-mail addresses and even passwords and credit card numbers. also tells us about popular urban legends,requested reports and scam pages.
Mostly,the organization is free and itz services are able to help protect ur computer..

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